If only they had told me…

th51H8ZPHFI come from a family of hard workers. Men and women that never expects anything to be handed to them or easy. Dreams are attain not by dreaming but by put one foot in front of the other and making that dream happen. That if I am good girl that is hard working then I will not have any problems. That life is fair, people are kind and good, and that good behavior is always rewarded with good. I am happy to have been brought in such a household. Nevertheless as an adult, it is hard to see that. Although I was coddle and spoiled, I learned the value of a dollar and reward of working hard. I admit these life lessons aided me a great bit in my adult life. A few things that I wish my parents had told me is…

It Isn’t Easy

Of course, I knew all about not giving up and working hard. However, I did not realize how hard I would have to work. How often I will have to excuse or miss out something because of work. This I wish would have been explain to me. As well as how to balance my work life and my personal life. It is hard to so much effort into both. It seems like if I work hard and give one hundred and fifty percent then my personal life slacks. And vice versa. Lately I have been reading all these books on how to be balance in my life. As I said before it is not easy!

Failure Happens

The first time I worked my but off something and did not get it, I was crushed. It never occurred to me that I might fail at something. Never. Nor that I may not achieve what I had initially set out to do. For a person to not realize that or have that understanding and it happens. It is a horrible feeling. As your world is caving and everyone is just standing around. Pointing at you, laughing, and calling out all of your inadequacies that causes even more laughter.

Life is not fair

I born and raise in a small town, one of those places where everyone knows each other. You cannot go anywhere without having talking to someone. People was kind to one another, fair, and decent. When I left to the city for college, it became blatant that that kind of living is not happening everywhere. What I grew up and considered the norm was really just an abnormality that I just have happen to live in. I see and hear people cheating and robbing each other as easy as they breathe. Based on the attitudes and etiquettes at the university they only to get a head is to memorize what you can and cheat on the rest. If you do not you will be left behind.

I do realize what my parents were trying to do for me, what they wanted to shelter me. I appreciate their effort and their love. Had they have explain the difference between the life we were blessed and the life of the average person I think when I came across different things I would have been able to handle and maneuver through it a lot better. Through my entire college career until about two years ago, I suffered with depression. My therapist said it is mostly due to the colliding ideals. The life I had as a youth and the life I was living. Not being able to reconcile the two.  If you have any advice that you learned later in life that you wish YOUR parents would have told you, then please tell me, I know I am not alone in this.