On the Rebound

A few years this country when through some very hard times.  Housing prices fell to record lows, folks watched as their retirement funds vanished before their eyes, and the cost of everyday items continued to rises. Some started to refer to that time as the second depression. As the economy started to blunder and fall apart, affecting many Americans from all socioeconomic levels.  As a whole, we started to cut back on spending and “do without” certain services.thZE935P0A

As times seem to keep getting increasing harder and money increasingly less many Americans, who would have never referred their selves as such before, became “do it yourselves”.  Saving money any way possible.  People were seen detailing their own car, women performing foil highlights on their own hair, homeowners performing their own lawn care and tree services.

As the economy, tries to turn itself around economist are reporting an increasing trend in spending. Albeit a small increase, it is an increase nevertheless.  Folks are taking their cars back to their detailers, women are reunited with their stylist and homeowners are ready to outsource their caretaker needs.  Soliciting lawn care and tree service businesses in increasingly numbers.  Springfield Trees of Springfield, MO, a successful and reputable tree service company, have seen an increase in customers over the last year and a half. As well as the majority of the older customer, that took a hit returning. Enjoying the care, experience and expertise a professional brings. This cautious spending true in every city, town, and village across the United States.

The best thing that came out of this dry economy is all the savings and deals created for those consumers ready and able to spend money. There were and in some areas of the country an ability to buy a house for less than two thousand dollars! As amazing AND unbelievable as that sounds. Of course, it should be assumed that a little work would have to be put into it. These cheap houses was not just in certain pocketed area around the country but almost everywhere around the country.   Homes were on the market for record low prices, even if its value was high. As was previously mention it was a buyers’ market without any buyers. Not just homes boasted of deep discounts. Retail shopping was buyers’ game. For those with the cash enjoyed sales, coupons, and clearance at prices not seen in this generation.

Recently it has been noted that consumers are still cautious with spending. After that economic downward spiral with so many people with “secured” jobs became unemployed. It taught everyone, especially the middle class to upper middle class that nothing is promised and anything can happen. Which is reflected in how Americans now spend the money they have worked hard for. Waiting for sales and coupons to augment their spending. Those days of frivolous and carefree spending is now a thing of the past. More surprisingly, it may not change anytime soon. A study was recently done following teenagers out doing some back to school shopping this past summer. Each teen was cautious and tag conscious when it came to buying items. Many left empty handed deciding to wait until summer markdowns to come back and purchase an item.   Alternatively, simply choosing to utilize clothing they already own. The study portrayed what the children of this depression gleaned from parents and family members dealing with a drastically smaller income.