While driving to work…

thTON97T6QDriving down Michigan Avenue on my way to work to pick up my check. Someday I am going to have to sign up for direct deposit. I hate coming into work on my day off, you know, it’s just when I’m not working I don’t even want to smell my job let alone see and enter it.  However, here I am in route. While stopped at a red light I saw the most peculiar sight.  One of those things that will make you do a double look, or in my case a triple look. So I am sitting in my truck listening to my talk radio. When all of a sudden a loud bang along with the ground shaking. It scared me something fierce. I thought someone rear-ended my car that is how loud the bang was and how strong the shaking. I was not the only one feeling the effects; the person in the lane besides looked shocked tremendously. All around me people were getting out their cars to check out the situation.

About three quarters of a mile east from where I was now standing a tree had fallen into traffic. Landing on a several cars and causing a traffic jam. The tree landed in such a way that the only way to get around is by foot. Unless someone removes, there is no was a car or truck could pass. It was crazy. In the distance, I could hear the sound of sirens approaching. Thank God, the emergency responders were rushing to get here. About a half a dozen of other motorist and I ran over to see if anyone need help. Three people were pinned in a minivan, one of those Chrysler town and country. The tree’s trunk had fallen across the hood of the van; the passengers were pinned in but alive, thankfully. Luckily, everyone else seemed to be unharmed. Just some vehicle damage but no one else was hurt.

What a coincidence. There were a tree service crew, from Eddie’s Tree Service, there in their work trucks. I remember seeing their website advertisement on a flyer near my house, www.wilmingtontreecare.com, incidentally I was going to call and schedule them to come out to my house. I have a tree that trunk is split in a “v”. Anyway, one of the guys said that they were on their way to a job. After calling in to let their boss know what happened, he encourage them to stay and help in any way that they could. I watched as they got out their equipment and started to cut that large tree into smaller pieces. Everyone else helped in moving the pieces to the grass along the side of the road.

With the crew hard at work and everyone pitching in, we were able to remove the tree from the road. As well as from that Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Just in time too, for the police and EMS had arrive. They were able to drive right up to the minivan with those people without any problems. The EMS and the fire department worked together to safely extract them from the vehicle and whisk them to the emergency room. While others were treated for their minor injuries right there on the spot.

I just keep thinking if I was a few minutes early I would have been one of those people directly affected by the tree falling. I could have been those people in the minivan. I am so grateful that I was just an innocent bystander than an active participant in that incident. The tree care crew that were there was amazing. Ever so helpful and professional. I will definitely give them a call. After a day like that I think im going to go home, sign up for direct deposit, and change and go see my family. That was a little too close for me, now I need the comfort and love that only family can give.


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