Out walking my cat

thEQY1P4ZPIt was a cold Tuesday morning, not like any other morning in my life. I was out walking my cat, sometimes we like to stop at this local tea and coffee shop for some refreshment. I always get a delicious French vanilla chai latte and my cat enjoys any of their homemade dog and cat bake goods. Then we continue on our way back home. Where I get ready to go to work and my cat prepares for a day of sleeping and whatever else she does while I am away. Who really knows what their cat or cats are up to when they are not around? I imagine she just sleeps and eats but I would not be supervise if she watches television or Netflix while I am at work. Cats are so smart and mysterious I would not put it pass her.

Well this walk was a bit different. To start my cat, Sheila, I do not think I mention her name as of yet. Well anyway Sheila somehow slipped off her collar and therefore off her leash. This turn our simple morning exercise routine into a last and found, search and rescue type of situation. I was so concern that something would happen to her. I mean she has been a house cat since she was born. The only time she gets outside is when I am walking her on her little leash.

Here I am in a panicky searching for her, I am sure people four towns over heard the name Sheila being yelled in the wee hours of the morning. At first, I was able to follow her until she made her way into this patch of woods that was surrounded by an electric fence. Old Mr. Duncan’s house. Mr. Duncan is known for taking out his old trusty shotgun, nicknamed The Thunder, and firing a couple of rounds at any trespassers he finds on his property. He is the shot first ask questions later type of man, if you know what I mean.

Knowing that the fence is rumored to be an electric fence I did the only thing I could think of…I jumped it. I took a few steps back so I could have a running start, and then cleared it! Barley. Nevertheless, I made it. Without being shocked or getting snared on the fencing.

As I am searching the woods for Sheila, I can hear the faint sounds of mew mew.   I know that meow from anywhere. That is my Sheila. I continue walking towards the sounds of a cat meowing after about five minutes I found the source. It was Sheila and she was stuck.

My lovely cat, Sheila, decided to try to climb this tree, after making her way to the first branch she must have look down and decided it was too much.   For poor Sheila was just pacing back and forth on the branch meowing and looking like she was praying for someone to come and get her down. After the ordeal she just put me in, I was half tempted to leave her butt up there in the tree. However, I can never stay made at my baby girl.

Of course, I began climbing the tree as I near the branch I heard the rustling of the leaves and the cocking of what I later discovered was a twelve-gauge shotgun.   Here comes Mr. Duncan.

Mr. Duncan was out in the woods hunting squirrels and he heard someone talking. Therefore, he came to investigate. When he discovered me up in his tree trying to rescue my cat.

Luckily, for me, Mr. Duncan was a cat lover himself and offer to get his ladder for the climb down. I gratefully accept and waited for him to return. As I sat there on that branch with Sheila I vowed that I will no longer be walking Sheila on a leash and collar, as soon as we make it home I am going to the pet store and being her a harness.   Let us see her try to slip out of that!