About Kimberly Ciesla

th2TVEPNXV Kimberly Ciesla  along with her brother Joe Ciesla have been running and operating their family’s tree service business for the past thirteen years when their father and uncle retired.  Together they have managed to a grow a modest “mom and pop” storefront into a multiple locations vast reaching tree service company.  That has won numerous awards, from best small business 2014, best managed business and best business In a service industry.

Kimberly Ciesla graduated from her alma mater with two degrees, one in urban forestry and another in arboriculture.  A few years ago she returned and achieve a two year degree in business management and entrepreneurship.  With their combine accolades Kimberly and John were able to create and develop their own line of biodegradable pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer that they hope to manufacture and commercial produce in two to three years.

When Kim is not busy with growing and improving the business she enjoys to spend time with her husband of eleven years, John Spencer, and their two cats.  Together Kim and John enjoy traveling around the world and tasting new cuisine, hiking, hunting, fishing, and spa days.  Although Kim does spend a lot of her free time with her husband she knows and values the importance of having a little me time.  At least once every month Kim likes to attend a class or workshop to learn a new skill or ability.  By herself, allowing her to meet new people and have a sense of individuality.  Someday Kim and John hope to have a house filled with their children but until then they plan on loving and cherishing one another.